Wagon scales AG – V1

NIP (maximum weighing limit) 150 tons and the price of the calibration division 50 kg.

These types of scales are registered in the Register of the state system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The kit includes:

· production of weighing platforms with dimensions of 4.5 m X 2m for railway (wagon) scales - 2 PCs;

· set of strain gauge equipment (ZEMIC USA inc,);

· mounting accessories;

· supervision of installation and commissioning;

· delivery of the platform, electronic unit and strain gauges to the installation site;

· travel expenses;

· passport for car scales and operating instructions;

· computer, standard weight accounting program;

· instruction and training of service personnel;

· calibration, participation of a specialist in the verification of scales with further issuance of a certificate;

· 24-month warranty on electronic equipment;

Term of supervision and NDP: 20 working days (allowed ahead of time)

The version is designed to work in more severe climatic conditions. Do not require a drainage system, easy maintenance of scales. This version of the scale has proven itself in operation for more than 20 years in the Northern regions of Kazakhstan.