Designed for static and dynamic weighing of cargo vehicles



•    Equipment delivery
•    Installation of all types of car scales
•    Certification, metrological verification of equipment
•    Maintenance service
•    The integration of hardware with Your software
•    Development of individual software
•    Training of specialists


•    Photo and video fixation of the vehicle
•    Recognition of the Registration number of the vehicle
•    Recognition Of signs of dangerous goods and other goods




The car scale is based on a unique measurement system with a digital data transmission channel. The system guarantees the protection of the signal from possible influence on the measurement result in order to distort the readings using radio equipment. The measurement system has the advantage of two approaches: more reliable in operation analog load cells and high-speed digital data collection and transmission systems to the weighing machine's workstation.

•    Maximum load, Max, t 100
•    Minimum load, Min, t 0,4
•    Sampling rate and price of verification division (d=e), kg 50
•    Limit value of the preliminary tare weight setting, % of Mach 10
•    Error of the zero setting device, e ±0.25
•    Response (sensitivity threshold), e 1,4
•    Non-return to zero, no more than = 0.5
•    Overall dimensions of the loading platform, mm 24000 x 3000
•    Operating temperature range, C:
•    for the loading platform from -30°C to +40°C
•    for load cells MV150 from -50°C to +50°C
•    for the weighing arm (weighing room) from -10°C to +40°C
•    Electric power supply 220V/50 Hz/200 VA
•    The average service life, years 8


Portable weighing scales for axle-by-axle weighing of vehicles. The maximum weighing limit for automobile scales is 30 tons per axle. They are equipped with an LCD display and a built-in printer, which makes the operator's work much easier.

•    Degree, protection class: IP 65
•    Platform dimensions: 900 x 500 x 34 mm.
•    Platform weight: 28 kg.
•    Measurement accuracy 0.1%
•    Safe overloading: 150% of the maximum load capacity
•    Platform battery: 3.7 V lithium polymer
•    Platform battery life: up to 55 hours
•    Keys: on/off, reset, sum, highlight
•    Operating temperature: 10 to +40 o C
•    Screen: 5-digit LCD (15 mm high), backlit
•    Made of durable aluminum alloy

Easy to install (does not require production of concrete filler Foundation sufficient flat area: compacted soil, asphalt, concrete slabs or crushed stone backfill); compact size, light weight; high mobility structures (scales can be
moved to another work site without the use of special equipment), it can be carried in the trunk of a car; the ability to work from battery up to 55 hours.
The platforms and the indicator are connected via a wireless interface, which gives maximum freedom of action when weighing vehicles.

•    in industrial enterprises;
•    in agriculture;
•    in trade;
•    on the wholesale bases;
•    in logistics companies;
•    transport control;
•    in points of reception of scrap metal, etc