Missed the license plates? Thanks to this radar module, it is no longer in your transport system.

High accuracy at any speed

RAD-AR provides high-precision radar response even for fast-moving vehicles at speeds up to 255 km / h (158.5 mph). How is this possible? The device includes a high-quality Doppler radar that operates at a K-band radar frequency of 24.165 GHz - and works synchronously with ARH cameras. All these features are in a case that can withstand a very wide temperature range from -45 ° C to 70 ° C.

Description of rad-AR road radar
There is a widespread myth in the ANPR license plate recognition industry that traffic cameras do not need a trigger - however, to avoid missing events, it is strongly recommended to use it. A trigger can be an external solution, such as an induction loop, etc., But why not instead add an unobtrusive addition to your ANPR camera: a radar module? RAD-AR was designed specifically as an unobtrusive extension for your camera.

RAD-AR pre-selects the frames of the image of passing cars that are suitable for ANPR. Advantage: there is no need to run the recognition algorithm for each frame. Without starting the camera or system, ANPR is forced to run the license plate recognition algorithm on each individual frame, which requires a lot of computing power and eventually leads to missed images and lost events. Who wants this in the traffic system?

Technical description