Currently, the development of a traffic management system (SUDD) based on artificial intelligence is underway to manage traffic at intersections and intersections. The algorithm of the SUDD software "copies" the actions of police officers
when managing traffic at an intersection during periods of high traffic intensity


The traffic management system is modeled on the same principle.
•    The recognition module determines the number of vehicles in front and
after the junction

•    the calculation Module calculates the traffic
flow intensity for each lane, taking into account the speed of movement and monitoring the volume
of congestion before/after the intersection

•    the control Module switches the traffic light according to the results
of the calculations issued by the module.

•    the integration Module integrates the results obtained from other intersections
into the calculation module of this intersection, in order to adjust
traffic management to take into account the intensity of unloading of related intersections.

•    The command module provides control commands from the center
operational management, such as VIP movement route calculation green
corridor in emergency situations from locations of equipment to the place DES
Emergencies, road works, etc.