GRNZ recognition system.

The system is designed for reading vehicle license plates.

Our solution provides the ability to read car license plates all over the world.

Standard system composition:

- Universal digital IP camera for consistently capturing high-quality images in a wide range of environments (the camera is selected separately for each system, depending on the requirements of the technical task)

- License FOR optical character recognition software that is designed for software developers and can be integrated into third-party systems. The main feature is reading license plates from still images

- Application software for toll roads, control arches, access control systems, or automated Parking. (ability to integrate into third-party software).

The CARMEN® ANPR recognition engine is designed to read all types of car license plates in the world at any speed. Toll collection and collection systems, traffic control and safety, speed and travel time measurement, lane and traffic light monitoring, Parking or access control, and many other systems can take advantage of the fast, accurate, automatic identification and recognition of these ANPR / LPR engine.

CARMEN® ANPR reads license plates from many image sources surprisingly quickly and with the highest recognition accuracy in its class. It offers country-independent recognition of not only Latin characters, but also Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and many others, as well as reflective, non-reflective, personalized, and special interest signs that are common in many US States.

Main advantages of the system:

- Capture high-quality images, even of vehicles moving at speeds up to 255 km/h;

- Easy installation, automatic configuration for easy configuration.

Where used:

- traffic monitoring and safety

- toll collection systems

- speed and travel time measurement systems

- access control systems

- Parking management

- bus lane monitoring

- border control

- monitoring of filling stations.


- recognition of the dangerous cargo code Carmen ADR

The CARMEN® automotive DANGEROUS GOODS identification (ADR) is designed to recognize and decipher the hazard identification number (Kemler code) of commercial vehicles carrying hazardous materials. By reading the HIN numbers, traffic control and road safety systems can become highly automated and therefore support safer roads, tunnels or bridges when transporting dangerous goods. Carmen® ADR identifies the materials being transported and provides emergency services with the ability to refer to information in codes to quickly identify hazards. The Carmen® ADR software successfully recognizes three digits of HIN codes on vehicles from various image sources, offering greater flexibility.

- recognition of the Carmen ACCR container code

CARMEN® automatic container code recognition (ACCR) is designed to extract and read the identification codes of ISO 6346 intermodal containers. The ability to read ISO codes for sea containers makes logistics environments more intelligent by creating comprehensive databases that track container movement, automating and simplifying railway or port logistics, and helping border control and container surveillance systems. CARMEN® ACCR reads container CODES from digital still images, a digital image stream, or a real-time video signal. A unique serial number with a check digit, owner, country code, size, type and category of equipment, as well as the performance marks (if any) of each cargo container are returned with the highest accuracy available on the market.

- recognition of DOT numbers of commercial cargo vehicles

CARMEN® DOT is designed to extract and recognize commercial vehicle DOT numbers from captured images. It provides freight and traffic systems with automatic identification and tracking. Carmen® DOT allows you to create complex databases and manage inventory systems with high accuracy, speed, and flexibility. Carmen® DOT allows traffic and safety systems to automatically identify and verify commercial vehicles from a variety of image sources. With the ability to collect and verify verification and compliance information, the software offers a DOT number, date, time, and location for CMV systems to verify key information in state and Federal databases in real time with the most accurate recognition metrics available on the market today.

- recognition of the railway car code UIC

The CARMEN® railway code definition (UIC) is designed to extract and read UIC numbers from rolling stock. Recognizing the UIC codes on train cars, the Carmen® UIC provides unparalleled accuracy and speed for railroad transportation. Commercial railway system operators can register passing railway cars - carrying cargo or passengers - without human assistance, using automatic recognition of railway codes, which in turn can be stored and processed for statistics or system management purposes. By automatically reading the UIC code numbers of railway cars from an image or video signal for international and logistics operations, Carmen® UIC allows railway system operators to access important data about the contents of each car, as well as the date, time and location of the railway cars.