Automatic and high-precision measurement of vehicles and SICK objects

SICK measurement systems measure, detect, classify, count, and check vehicles in 3D mode. They can determine the number of truck axles to classify them, as well as measure the overall dimensions of vehicles to eliminate possible loading errors. Before tunnels and other entrances, the systems detect vehicles with temperatures above the permissible temperature and start the de-locking process. They also control the contours of railway trains. If the specified limit parameter is exceeded, the system initiates an alarm. All this makes a significant contribution to ensuring safety on roads and in railway transport.


• Visualization and notification in case of exceeding the height, width and length

• Contactless axis counting on multi-lane traffic

sections • Optional integration of ANPR, WIM and RFID transponder

• Thanks to the extended temperature range from -40 to +60 °C can be used in all climatic zones

* Quick access to data by saving it via FTP or UNC directly in the customer's system

• Easy commissioning and easy operation thanks to the setup assistant


The Free Flow Profiler measurement system measures and classifies any vehicles and objects in the free flow. Safe for the human eye, 2D-LiDAR sensors scan an object up to 75 times per second, providing automatic measurement of length, width, and height. This takes into account the speed of the vehicle and the direction of travel. Based on the obtained measurement results, you can create a three-dimensional model for each object, which also displays the excess in height, width, and length. Moreover, the modular design of the system allows for additional functions, such as counting axles or recognizing overheated vehicle parts.

A brief overview

• Optional counting function of the axes

• Data output as a point cloud

• data History for the last 50 measured vehicles in the user interface

• TCP/IP Interface for data transmission

• Event logging and system status monitoring

* Measurement of vehicles in free traffic flow

* Control of the size of vehicles established by Law