Smart home system

Smart home is an engineering system that manages your home environment with a single click or phrase, allows you to save your favorite scenarios and shows the state of engineering systems, increasing the prestige, comfort and security of your home.

This is not a set of sensors from the store. This is a serious engineering system that requires design, works by wire, is laid at the roughing stage and implemented by a professional team.

5 facts about the Smart Home system

Flexibility. Choose any switches, air conditioners, lighting, ventilation, servos, and other engineering systems. Choose what suits your design and budget.
Efficiency. Smart home allows you to save significantly due to the optimal use of energy resources.
Ease of control. To activate the functions, use the free app on your phone or tablet, universal remote control or familiar switches.
Security. Hacking a Smart home and getting access to its functions is an almost impossible task. For protection, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm is used, which is widely used in the banking sector.
Compactness. All the equipment of the system is placed in a standard electrical panel of an apartment or house, and does not require additional cooling or ventilation.

The Smart home system combines all the technical systems of the house into one and makes their management simple and convenient.

You have full control of your home, while being anywhere, thanks to the security system, which includes protection from water leaks, gas leaks, fire alarm, video surveillance.

Another advantage of Smart home is that it not only makes your life comfortable, but also saves resources. The system will automatically switch the heating to energy-saving mode, or completely turn it off when the temperature changes outside, turn off the lights, TV or music in the room if you are not there. You will no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off your appliances when you leave home. just log in from your mobile phone and turn off all your appliances with a single click.