MicroCAM mobile ANPR camera


Perfect tool for police patrolling, remote tolling, or Parking. MicroCAM achieves what was once impossible by capturing license plates while driving. This is a car - mounted camera that scans the road environment and automatically detects surrounding vehicles by reading their license plates-even from a moving car.

This is ANPR mobile camera with an elegant design, designed with mobility in mind: it is light and small, designed for mobile use. The MicroCAM can be easily installed on the roof of a patrol car or behind the windshield. When installed outdoors, the IP67 enclosure guarantees maximum protection - a heavy-duty design comparable even to fixed ANPR cameras, withstanding all environmental concerns.





Model: M402 FHD

•    Generation: second

•    Rsolution / FPS: 2048 × 1536/20 frames per second

•    Resolution / FPS: 1920 × 1080/30 frames per second

•    Focal length: fixed 16mm

•    Illumination wavelength: 850 nm (infrared)

•    Optimal ANPR range in ambient light: 8.0 - 15 m (26.2 - 49.2 ft)

•    Maximum ANPR range under optimal conditions: 20 m (65.6 ft)

•    Built-in vehicle detection: YES

•    Onboard computer (independent processor cores): ARM Quad Core 4 × 1 GHz

•    Operating temperature range: -30 ° C - 70 ° C (-22 ° F - 158 ° F)

•    IP rating: IP67




MicroCAM offers:
•    Read and recognize license plates on the go M402
•    Compact and robust housing with IP67 protection class
•    Easy installation and integration on cars
•    Wide-angle or long-range optics
•    Easy installation with single-cable POE +
•    ONVIF compliance

MicroCAM offers solutions to common problems:
•    Launching an on-Board image-based vehicle detection algorithm
•    Quick and easy installation with a single cable
•    Built-in led illumination for reading reflective and non-reflective license plates day and night

MicroCAM is ideal for:
•    Installation on a patrol car
•    Tolls
•    Crime prevention and law enforcement assistance