Self-service ID verification in ultra-compact form, under 2 seconds



Smooth passenger flow and easy self-service operation – that’s what Combo Scan Kiosk is made for. This scanner extracts personal data from identity documents like passports, visas or ID cards within 2 seconds. As the name ‘kiosk’ suggests, integration with self-service kiosks, e-gates or vending machines is easy: due to the scanner’s low profile, ultra-compact rectangular form and mounting holes. All of these come with a clever design which includes no moving parts, to offer a truly maintenance-free operation.

This ID scanner allows intuitive usage, greatly improving passenger access or customer handling in those applications where checking identity documents is a must but there is no human staff attendance – especially in CUSS systems like airport e-gates, bank ATMs, self-service check-in kiosks and even vending machines where usage is restricted by age.




Imaging is enhanced by our unique Adaptive Light Control feature, which secures steady operation even in environments with extreme light conditions. The software automatically detects and filters ambient light sources out to provide a flawless scanning performance. This is crucial both for accurate OCR and reliable authentication results.








About the self-service market

The self-service and automation market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world: it’s expected to double in size in the next 5 years (prediction for 2024 using data and trendline from 2019).









Minimum volume for maximum integratibility

When designing this device, our developers have two main aspects in mind: to make the unit as compact as possible by reducing its size, while keeping our high standard for optical quality. In this tiny volume, Combo Scan Kiosk has a built-in optical unit with a mirror, infrared and visible illumination LEDs, controller and power unit, all in a full metal enclosure to provide extended durability.